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Due to COVID-19, millions more people have been working from home than usual. Many have been working with substandard arrangements.

At the same time, most people have been expected to be as productive, efficient, and effective as they were from their traditional offices. This increases stress—and the risk for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Unfortunately during the rush to move to work-from-home during COVID-19, many companies provided limited help with ergonomics assessments and/or workstation equipment and accessories due to the potential short-term cost impact.

To help the people working from home get back on their feet, QP3 ErgoSystems offers video based ergonomics assessments for work from home employees.

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This has led to significant increases in work-related discomfort to the shoulders, arms, hand/wrists and backs, as well as an uptick in workers compensation claims.

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Many work-from-home employees may hot have proper workstations, which  can increase physical stress.  Trying to both work and supervise younger children adds additional stress.  This stress can increase the risk for work-related illnesses and injuries.

However, companies must also consider the long-term ramifications of not making the right investments in their work-from-home employees and team members.

• Poor home workstations contribute to higher employee illness and injury rates
• Poor working at home conditions lead to higher employee turnover
• Injuries & illnesses that occur while working from home ARE work-related
• Comfortable employees are more productive–and loyal
• Taking care of your work-from-home employees is an excellent investment

A study by Global Workplace Analytics estimates that 30% of people
will continue working from home long term.

Other studies indicate that about 70% of employees able to work from home will continue to do so at some level for the foreseeable future, and many will never return to a “regular” office.

Under the US OSHA General Duty Clause, if someone is having problems working at home, a company is obligated to perform a hazard assessment of the workstation and address risk factors.  This also applies if the assignment is temporary.  A remote workstation assessment is an effective way to do this.

If you have employees in Maine, you are required to conduct ergonomics assessments of office workstations, and if you are in New Hampshire or California, the jobs performed by anyone reporting an injury must be assessed.  Even during COVID-19, and even for work-from-home.

But the best time to assess employees’ workstations and provide practical training is today, before someone feels they have to file a workers compensation claim or visit their doctor.

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At QP3 ErgoSystems, we pioneered remote assessments for office and industry
long before the world knew about COVID-19.

Our Ergonomists will schedule a video meeting with an affected employee, and will provide you with a formal, written Ergonomics Assessment Report. 

Our reports will describe the risk factors to which an employee is exposed and provide guidance on better workstation arrangement and recommendations for improvement based on an employee’s needs. 

We have also developed a work-from-home office ergonomics training program, available on our digital learning platform, www.ergonomics.today.  This program provides practical advice for employees working from home, and can also be customized to the needs of a particular client.    

Please fill out this online form with your contact details, and we will reach out to you shortly to learn about your operation and identify ways we can help you navigate through these challenging times. 

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Please fill out this online form with your contact details, and we will reach out to you shortly
to learn about your operation and identify ways we can help you navigate through these challenging times. 


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